Montserrat Botana Loureiro


It is really difficult to describe oneself, isn’t it?

Or, at least I believe so. However, let me try:  I am very hard-working, honest and an absolute follower of EDUCATION which, to me, is the only way forward. Life has been a constant learning process and I expect it to continue to be so.

This attitude has allowed me to enjoy many professional and personal experiences that are not always necessarily suitably reflected in our diplomas and certificates but it is always that PLUS that makes the difference!   

To me, teaching has become a vocation mainly encouraged by the positive feedback and reactions I get from my students and that, together with my experience in management, has given me the confidence to believe in my worth as a professional in any role I choose to undertake.

Teresa Cáceres


Since I can recall I have been fascinated by words, languages and their powerful magic. Hence, my academic background in languages and teaching.

Learning the basics and tricks to communicate efficiently  is a challenge that can be fun and enriching far beyond the linguistic factor.

The formula we propose:  motivated student+ motivated teacher + facilitator + immersion.

I feel very privileged to work in these conditions, combining   some of the things I feel passionate about: my beautiful mother tongue Spanish,  the fascinating  area were we live  and the contact with interesting people from different countries.

Our mediterranean way of life is not only a joy to be shared but also a useful tool to learn the language. I have a very high sense of hospitality.  It is my priority to make you feel that  the money and time spent with us is worthwile. I consider myself a resourceful, committed and flexible person, easy-going and relaxed.

 I am very much looking forward to meeting you.

Customer Services

My mission: to take care of all the details